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Let me invite you to the wonderful world of Polish language! Come and meet me and a tried-and-tested learning method. Talk with me and learn Polish in an easy and friendly way, communicating what you think is important and interesting. Professional Polish lessons online for an affordable price, only with me. Join me!


I believe that learning foreign languages really help us to develop and can be a wonderful adventure. If you have chosen Polish as your second language, then I am really happy about it. Do not worry about the opinions - you have heard them I am sure - that Polish is one of the most difficult languages in the world. It does not have to be difficult if you treat it as fun, as an opportunity for development and as a good exercise for your brain. Perhaps you will never be perfect but it is not about perfection. You will learn how to speak, think and describe the world in another language and this speaks for something. Polish for foreigners can turn out to be a real challenge!


Learning foreign languages is like looking at the world from a different perspective. What you have learnt so far and how you perceived the world through your mother tongue will change once you start speaking in a different language. I know what I am talking about, because I have learnt English and Spanish by myself. I am not claiming that I have perfected them, I still make mistakes - smaller or larger ones but the most important thing is that I can use them to communicate and to go a little deeper into the culture of people who use these languages every day.  


„The limits of my language mean the limits of my world”
Ludwig Wittgenstein


The Course of the lessons?

My Polish language tutor


The lessons take place via Skype. Each Polish lesson online is 60 minutes of, amongst others, conversations, word-plays, vocabulary and phrase exercises and pure fun! Before our Polish lesson via Skype, you will receive all hand-outs via e-mail (generally PDF files, sometimes also MP3 files). We also use textbooks from time to time, which you can buy in any online shop.                                                                                     

My Polish language tutor


However, I do not work with textbooks only. Lessons with me are for you to practice your language. Of course, I will help you in explaining grammar and issues that you will find difficult. I do not focus only on that, though. Most of all, I care about conversations, about testing your skills in practice and about things that you will find useful in everyday life. During our lessons, I will help you to improve your pronunciation. I will explain the meaning behind difficult phrases (you will not find their definitions in dictionaries) and I will practice conversations with you from daily life. Polish for foreigners online is a wonderful solution for all those who think about developing their practical communication skills with Polish citizens.                                                                    

My Polish language tutor


After each lesson, I will send you a list of words used during the lesson, so you can  analyse them at home and revise them. If you would like to, I will also assign homework or I will correct your written assignment.

My Polish language tutor


I always try to listen to your needs concerning lessons, so that you can receive exactly what you want. Everyone has their own learning method and this will be taken into consideration whilst preparing the plan of our Polish lessons via Skype.


„One lives as many times as many languages they know"

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Your adventure with Polish language will probably not be an easy one. It will be like a "stormy relationship" - sometimes full of wonder, happiness and fascination and later defined by crisis and moments when you would like to say "enough". 

Polish for foreigners online

As every skill, learning foreign language takes time, patience and self-discipline. Now, I will not say anything about how easy and effortless it will be. Polish language for foreigners can be a real challenge. In truth, it depends on you. I can only be your guide, who will show you the way. But I will not learn the language for you. If you will be patient and hard-working, then, with time, you will see how far you have come. With time, your brain will start doing certain things automatically, and it will not be as strenuous as at the beginning. You will discover that you are able to understand the whole sentence without analysing every word, that you are able to answer without thinking of every ending or every grammar rule you have learnt. All those things will be done by your brain - it will be its way of saying "thank you" for all those hours devoted to learning.

That is why the more you listen to, the more you speak, read and write in Polish, the more you are able to understand, say and write. Probably you will not master Polish in one year, or two or even three (unless you live in Poland or you speak with Poles every day) on such a level to understand everything and to be able to express everything just like in your mother tongue. But it is not the most important thing. Already after a while, you will notice that you can order a meal in a restaurant, buy a cinema ticket or order a taxi - all of this without much effort. Polish lessons online will prove to be effective. And that will be your price!